A career in computing is not all about Programming

A career in computing is not all about Programming

It’s evident that computing is one of the leading and trending technology avenues which have greatly changed the way we associate and live today.

Most of the prominent innovations now days must at least posses 30% of computing aspects.

There are a lot of solutions, innovations and or products which are running on the power of computer programming, meaning that programmers are doing a very great job behind scenes. Thanks to whoever is doing so.

Well, this being said. It’s also true that these computer superstars posses like 0.2% – 0.4% as opposed to the general number of solutions users. Why?
Not everyone was meant to be a programmer.. It’s only for those with the high desire and highly gifted to interpret the ASCIIs and Unicodes to make things work out.

Shocking but not, you’re not alone, so don’t worry, keep calm you are also good at something that some super programmers will bow before you seeking for your help.

Well,  ICT being one of the richest professional fields to explore, it gives you a lot of opportunities to pick what runs faster in your medulla oblingata. However, many just walk through it with gambling in despise.

The 2% – 4% of the programmers  always work hard to produce softwares, apps and devices for you to consume or use. So learn how to use them effectively.

I believe I can’t write source code to develop windows 10 OS or SPSS or Microsoft office alone but I must learn how to use them depending on my demand. Right?

Secondly, if I can’t write a PhP echo statement or a simple inner outer loop in C# or Java, I believe I shouldn’t fail to set up a simple computer network communicating with a 24-port Dlink switch or design a simple alphabetic letters logo in illustrator for a client.

If I can’t write Javascript (JS) or PhP to run a website’s back-end at least I shouldn’t fail to run a joomla or drupal installation. NO!

If I can’t know how to start MySQL in Command-line Interface (CLI) I shouldn’t fail to run a macro or sort data in excel.. NO!

Well,  this is what I mean.. You’re not a programmer but programmers struggle to put up all sorts of applications  for you to use. Please spare  some time and learn them, most especially that specific one which your heart loves

You can be good at MS Excel and earn even more than the other programmer you think you failed to become. Drop your regrets now!

Did you know that you can only learn how to splice a fibre cable and still earn a leaving if not a permanent job in a Telecom company?  Be there crying for jobs!!

You can become an ICT entrepreneur who doesn’t need to know much about code.. but who can employee best programmers in the world. Facebook founder isn’t the world’s best programmer rather one of the best entrepreneurs.

Did you know that the common Microsoft Word you know can make wonders for you and die a rich man? It’s believed that authors earn a lot of money but no author has ever used notepad ++ or netbeans or sublime code editor to author a book… They all use MS word and  excel for graphical data representation… Why not u?

Become an ICT consultant…who simply needs to be informed all the time and must posses applicable and realistic solutions to tabled problems and earn a living. Etc…

You don’t need to look far when looking for a career in computing,  start with that small thing which gives you peace of mind,  do it, do it, do it and again.. Love it, talk about it always, and eventually people will know you for that. All those in need will be referred to you..

Again, don’t do many things at once, you won’t achieve anything out of them… Pick one at a time,  perfect it and then move on…

We all can’t be programmers, but we can utilize what programmers have put in place to live a better life.