We are a devoted company with versed experience in several computer fields. Our target is to spread the gospel of computing world-wide. All of our pieces of training begin with a take through in all required basic computer operations and we highly recommend any person to start with Computer Applications as they give you a proper practice for the right use of a computer.

Our Training is Currently Based On;

  1. Website Designing, Development and Hosting with CMS ( WordPress/Drupal)
  2. Information Systems or Software Development  – Front and Back End programming (HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, PHP/LARAVEL, SQL.)
  3. Systems Administration with Windows & Linux Server
  4. Graphics Designing – Still and Motion graphics ( business cards, logo, posters, banners, animation, videos and many more)
  5. Digital Marketing

To apply, use the form below. Type your email, select Internship 2020 in the dropdown menu and follow the prompts as required. The moment you submit the form, you will have earned your self a chance to train with us this year and we shall contact you as soon as possible.