Is it Unemployment?? or you are just unemployable??

Is it Unemployment?? or you are just unemployable??

I am not getting arrogant but most of the youths claim jobs to be scarce but ask  yourself, “are you employable??”.

It’s a pity that most of the youths while at campus fail to practice their chosen professions through research, workshops and some affordable training but rather concentrate on things that don’t build their careers.

Why should a degree holder taste the same as a S. 6 leaver  in reasoning, hands on practice and in being informed?

I mean,  why should you leave campus when you can’t professionally do anything? You hold no difference with a S. 6 leaver who is still blank on anything concerning professional practice.

It’s also evident that 85% of the graduates are informed by 2% of what they studied in 3-5 years at campus. Yes, I admit our education system isn’t so hands on based in practice and it’s also being affected by limited resources for research and practice but still don’t give this as an excuse everywhere you go because some of your friends have reliable  or employable skills yet you sat in the same lecture room and sat the same exams!.

It’s our mandate to change these things.

I realised that most of the students at campus simply study to pass exams something I  call a misconception of what a University is.  A University is a level of professional realisation and a starting point for practice. Meaning,  you have to explore your course in all angles through individual and or group research n real time practice. Most of the Ugandan Universities which  offer computing courses don’t have things like machine learning, Internet of Things ( I.O.T ), Artificial Intelligence (A.I), advanced C, C+,Java,  Oracle,  SQL, JavaScript or Python programming on their syllabus but out of 10 jobs for ICT at least 8 of them will require you to have vast understanding and practicing evidence of the above mentioned programming languages.

But a few who utilised their time get or got these jobs, and well paid.  NEVER LIMIT YOUR UNDERSTANDING TO A UNIVERSITY SYLLABUS – UNIVERSITIES IN MOST CASES TEACH YOU HOW TO RESEARCH ONLY but after knowing how to do it, go ahead and discover a lot on your own then practice and implement.

Who told you that all of you have to be employed? what happens if you start something through your acquired skills and employ others?

You find someone who did a leather tanning  course for 4 years but can’t even mend a slipper.  It’s a pity. Someone in accounting but can’t even balance a balance sheet or a ledger?. In a class of 100 students, only 10 -15 students have the technical know who but in most cases these people have NO technical know how! 1-5 students   have the technical know how but NO technical know who? 85-90 students have neither technical know who nor technical know how?

What next? U can answer this by yourself.

What hurts me so much is that most of the guys at campus put much emphasis on passing exams than professional skills attainment- which is OK but an A on your transcript won’t help you configure a Linux server during a computing interview.

Then, the other hurting bit of it is that u forget why you most importantly joined a University. You  don’t research, practice and neither do you attend workshop and trainings even when they are  free.  Where do you think the employer will get guts to employ you?

You know nothing in your professional course to an extent that you can’t even use MS word to write an application letter? Most of the guys are always in betting,  clubbing, playing games and moving in unnecessary activities.

Change your attitude and set your career while still at campus. Leave campus when you know your capacity in which ever course you are pursuing. Yawn for learning new things and bear a creative mind.

There is  a lot to talk about..on this.

I Sign out