Bulk SMS is one of the best ways to engage and interact with customers, the public, and specific target audiences of your choice. People are more responsive to text messages and bulk SMS is a great way to get your business’ message to right audience. Whether you’re alerting customers to a system update, looking to promote your latest product offering or just alerting parents about what is happening in your school, bulk SMS ensures your message makes it to your audience and doesn’t get lost along the way or among the inbox spam. Therefore, if you don’t want your message to get misplaced, bulk SMS is the way to go.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS refers to the sending of large numbers of SMS messages to mobile phones. To send out these high volumes of text messages in a short time span, a specialty service is needed. Businesses can use applications, software programs or an API integration with their website to send bulk messages but, to save you the burden of having to go through all this trouble, this is where Interlet comes in.

So, how does it all work and how do we deliver this service?

Bulk SMS empowers you to realise your SMS marketing efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. Bulk SMS also facilitates the way you do your mobile marketing because it enables you to send large quantities of super-personalised messages directly to your customers and target audience. 

That’s the what, now how does Bulk SMS work?

To provide this service we go through a few simple steps which are:

  • You (the Client) come with the message you intend to get deliverered to your audience. If you don’t have the right message or maybe you just have the idea, we can help you come up with simple attractive on-point message that you can use.
  • Next is a list of contacts to which you want to deliver the message.
  • Filter mobile users by different criteria (gender, age, place of residence, etc) if required.
  • Using our bulk SMS broadcast system, we send the message to the listed contacts as required. We also have an option where we can schedule the message to be sent at certain dates and time.

Tips for successful use of our bulk SMS messages

To help you get the best out of our Bulk SMS service, here are some tips for getting effective results:

Keep it short

Keep your message below 160 characters. Going above this limit could lead to your messages appearing fragmented – meaning that a message with more than 160 characters will be split into several sets of messages. You’ll also be charged more. Shorter, succinct messages will make more of an impact on recipients anyway so there’s no reason not to keep it short and simple.

Showcase your business name

You don’t want your texts to appear with an anonymous number shown on top. A text coming from your business name builds trust in your message and lets people know a text isn’t spammy or malicious. It also boosts brand visibility and looks professional. With our bulk SMS services, we are able to edit the sender ID to your company name.

Personalize your messages

Although bulk SMS messages are sent out in large numbers, this doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your messages. With bulk SMS service we can alter your messages to suit a specific recipient based on the information you provide. We can address recipients by their names to put that personal connection between you and your clients.

Include a branded link

With just 160 characters to convey your message, we shorten the link you plan to include in your SMS message with a generic link shortener that makes branded links customized to drive clicks. Branded links look neater and can boost clicks. This is because they are trusted and indicate where the link leads to.

Pricing table

NB: Our charges are for every message that is sent. See pricing tables below.



Unit cost 

UGANDA (256)



Ugx 28


Ugx 25

Other Networks

Ugx 25

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