Now you can get yourself or your web specialist trained to do SEO for multiple websites. Learn the ‘Real’ techniques in SEO that sends your site to the top. Learn from the Leading SEO Service Provider that offers Guaranteed Top 5 Ranking SEO Service. Learn the secrets of how we helped achieved more than 1,000 keywords on Google and also helping our clients achieve more than 800 keywords Ranked No.1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

By the year 2018, the demand for digital marketers had gone beyond the demand for any other marketing profession. Now just imagine in 2020, so many organizations for example Banks, NGO’s, Factories, traders and even handymen are looking to hire digital marketers to get them to the top of the search results leveraging the internet usage. By you learning digital marketing, you are guaranteed to be gainfully for both full time and part- time jobs

Who should take up this Course?

  • Marketing executives entrusted with the responsibility of promoting their company’s web sites or clients’ web
  • Small business owners wanting to learn how to promote their web sites on the search
  • Owners of e-commerce sites that want to increase their site’s visitor to customer conversion
  • Web site designers wanting to offer search engine marketing services to their
  • Search engine optimizers (SEO) or search engine marketers (SEM) wanting to improve their industry
  • Webmasters intended to increase traffic of their web sites via search engines.
  • Persons interested to learn how to optimize web sites for search engines in preparation for starting their own search engine optimization business or applying for a job as an SEO expert or SEM expert in any

What you will learn

  • Introduction to search engine optimization (SEO).
  • How to research and select appropriate keywords to
  • How to successfully integrate search keywords within your web site
  • How to optimize each page of your web site step-by-step.
  • How to create effective Page Title
  • How to create an effective and optimized META Description Tag.
  • How to create an effective and optimized META Keywords
  • Overview of various important search engines and
  • How to submit your site to important search
  • How to submit your site to crawler-based search
  • An overview of what search engines consider to be “spam”
  • Web design elements to avoid ensuring your site is search engine
  • How to monitor your search rankings and site

Course Duration

3 classes per week for a period of 8 weeks