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Starting business or company promotion may involve making decisions that feel unrelated to each other. After all, posting on social media, training workers, building and maintaining a frequent customer base and crafting designs for your branding may not seem to have much in common. However, each of these key parts of your brand identity decisions add up to make one big brand. 

Brand identity is what a brand stands for and how it is perceived in the world. It’s the words, thoughts and images that come to mind when the consumer engages with the brand in some way – and how it makes the consumer feels.

Successful branding and awareness are things that all businesses want to achieve. Well, at Interlet limited, we don’t just promote a brand, we promote recognition and help differentiate you from your competition. Essentially, branding is the foundation of your company’s story, encompassing everything such as logo design, website design, and optimization and other visual designs for your company.

Below is how Interlet Limited will help your company reach its potential

Defining your identity

In order to differentiate your brand from the rest, creating a memorable logo is where we start. On top of that, we make sure to reflect a unified design throughout all your channels of communication. This means that typography, logo, and the use of colors is maintained throughout your brand.

Identifying Your Potential Customers

Proper customer targeting is crucial for successful branding. 

Our goal is to help your brand to reach the right people, which starts with identifying your target audiences. We use a combination of information from your competitors or companies delivering the same or almost the same services and analytical insights from places like social media, and other existing platforms like websites (that’s if the company has a website), to figure out who you want to reach specifically.

Strong Online Brand foundation establishment

After identifying your target audience, we begin forming your brand identity “things that remind people of your brand”, majorly focusing on online customers. 

This will involve;

  • Website design for your Business/company. Don’t know why, learn more about Why your Business Needs a Website.
  • Website Search Engine Optimization
  • Building and Maintaining Social Media Consistency (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube)

Visual designs and prints

Our Visual plans center around the feel of your image by deliberately executing pictures, hues, text styles, and different components. An effective visual plan improves your image by drawing in clients and assisting with building trust and enthusiasm for the brand. We design Business cards, IDs, brochures, flyers, banners, and printable company profiles, and much more.

Be consistent with your brand

once we have established your brand and handed over to you, it’s critical to be consistent. Changing up your messaging, marketing voice, or tagline will greatly dilute your brand so take your time and get it right with our help!

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