Graphic Design training has been designed to provide the learners with the necessary skills required to meet the demand of to-days professional job market of the design field. This will be accomplished by giving the learners several studio projects designed to develop knowledge of layout, illustration, photography and presentation skills of computer-based projects. 

The audience for this training

This training is designed for those individuals who want to make their career in Commercial Graphics designing and Media sector by becoming acquainted with graphic design techniques and creating visual graphical effects using Adobe programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  

Overall objectives of the Training

This training consists of several aspects of design where the learner starts with the fundamentals of Graphic Designs and goes on to learn the basics of design concepts, along with principles to help build confidence and awareness of guidelines. 

The overall objectives of training in Graphic Design are as follows: 

  1. To develop Basic Skills of Computer graphics design.
  2. To develop the skills necessary to effectively use the basic tools of design, illustration, and production.
  3. To demonstrate creative problem-solving skills through projects that require real solutions.
  4. To acquire a working knowledge of graphic and web design, layout, illustration, typography, and computer graphics
  5. To understand the graphic design process. 

Outcomes expected

At the end of the training, the trainee is expected to have acquired skills in:

  1. Critical and creative thinking with an innovative mind.
  2. Apply graphic design principles in the ideation, development, and production of visual graphic designs.
  3. Employ best practices and management in the design profession and within a collaborative work environment.
  4. Utilize relevant applications of tools and technology in the creation, reproduction, and distribution of visual graphic designs.