Web Hosting Services

Interlet through its collaborations help customers get the best out of what they pay for. Host your developed website, web portal or any web-related project with our trusted partner.

Interlet collaborates with Webnet International a prominent web hosting company in Kampala Uganda to host the websites for our customers. Webnet offer secure, relaible and faster hosting services as well as quick customer support to solve emergency problems.

All our website projects are being hosted by Webnet. This is because we trust their services and commend them to host your project today.

Webnet offers a range of hosting packages that you can choose from depending on your ability.

Hosting a website requires you to purchase a domain name, for example, www.mywebsite.com/net/co.ug and the hosting server space which are paid annually (12 months) from the time you make your first purchase.

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Domain Names

.com, .net, .org .biz, .mobi,.name .tel, .info 
.co.ug, .ne.ug, .ac.ug, .ug, .sc.ug, .org.ug, .com (Shs. 50,000+)
.ug .net.ug, .go.ug, .or.ug .tv .co .ac co.com (Shs. 118,000)