Technology is being embraced to change the way academic institutions manage their day to day activities. However some schools remain reluctant to effectively utilize this technology to maximum capacity and in so doing, they still use the traditional pen and paper manual information system to manage students’ academic records, fees transactions, record expenses and generate financial reports.

This project was carried out for schools with the aim of reducing the time and costs incurred when managing students’ academics records and fees transactions. The project sought to address the problems within the admissions, academics and accounts departments with a focus on students, academic and financial information management. The first phase of the project involved requirements determination using data obtained from questionnaires and one on one interviews. 

These requirements were then used to come out with an elaborate design with a bottom-up design approach. The design was implemented to realize the practicability of the system. 

The system was tested to ensure that it is error-free to address user requirements.

Additional functionality of settings, expenditure capture, inventory management, project management, Leave, payroll and generation of financial statements among others was built to make a proprietary software tool named “CSS ”

Capacity & Security

Css Software is inbuilt with a database management system to handle data up to a size of 140 terabytes (247 ,128 tebibytes) and adherent to security measures of encrypting and cyphering login credentials in line with the data management act.

What CSS has to offer…

  • CSS software streamlines your school’s processes and provides you with an insight to efficiently manage the strengths of your school while ensuring improvement in the productivity of both academic and accounts departments respectively and the quality of services offered by the departments to students, school management and other stakeholders.
  • With a user-friendly interface, CSS software reduces your manual workload, whether you are highly experienced or have little or no knowledge of computer.

CSS Features

Fees management

CSS Software helps you to manage fees transactions through paperless bookkeeping, speeds up your fee bill printing and fee collection process while keeping all records for outstanding balances. You can easily make changes to fee structures, create fee heads, receive payments and generate fee dues and balances with minimal effort.

Customizable fees structure

CSS Software has a highly customizable fee structure including class fee settings, individual student fee setting, and discount rules. When you set class fee, you do not need to mention each student again and again. You can also set a fee for an individual for example broken apparatus, medical bills and lost textbook.

Accounts management

CSS software keeps you in control of your money at all times. The system allows you to track income and expenses and also gives a deep analysis of financial accounts. CSS Software provides an error-free accounting solution that eliminates the risk of fraud, disclosures, incorrect financial statements and other common mistakes seen when bookkeeping is done manually. By automatically keeping track of your calculations and eliminating the risk of errors, you can provide transparency in finances that parents, other benefactors, management and stakeholders require.


The Budget

You can use the system to design your budget and be able to automatically follow up the budget performance. The system implements the common budget whereby estimates for a period are compared with actuals to show any deviations. Consequently, the system can generate a budget performance report.


CSS software sustains your schools integrity by providing an accurate and fair evaluation of students. The software ensures that the termly report making process is faster and easier. With this software, the stress and headaches associated with student marks management are reduced. Although the grading system can be customized for your school, the system is constantly updated to use current UNEB grading rules. The system can be set up to record three sets of exams. Multiple users can record marks at a time. Teachers can view marks for only their subjects.

Management scenarios

CSS Software is designed to handle various fee management scenarios and will help you to devise custom rules for fees, bank charges, statutory payments and bursary. With CSS software, you can recover 100% billed amounts, including bank charges and ledger fees. The software reduces your working efforts for fee bill printing, fees collection, receipts printing, and student ledger statements. It further distributes school fees income to produce detailed fees analysis report and fees collection summary, giving you an insight of school fees revenue.


You can setup discount rules for bursaries, academic rewards, children for staff among others

Bank Slip / Payment Registration

On entry of a payment CSS Software automatically calculates a student’s balance. A payment receipt is automatically generated to be printed on white paper or pre-printed fee vouchers. Students fee balance reports and ledger statements are also updated on payment entry.


CSS Software offers a comprehensive student enrollment system that enables you track growing student numbers. The system replaces manual processes with a user friendly interface that allows addition of new students, capture of students bio data, upload of student photos, details of parents or guardians and a cumulative record of students achievements. The system also improves the response time of pending inquiries and ensures that prompt and professional attention is given to every student. CSS Software relieves the burden of administrative tasks for teachers and school office personnel through central information management.


Spend less time on inventory control, and reduce understock or overstock.


With the help of predefined processes, CSS software guarantees an accurate salary processing, employee statutory deductions and employer statutory contributions. The tool organizes all the tasks of employee payment and deductions. Other tasks include calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions, printing paying employment taxes to government. CSS Software requires very little input from the accountant, who only needs to enter employee payment, deductions. NSSF and PAYE are automatically computed for each employee. You can update the system every time a tax law changes.